One of the signature features of the Windows platform has finally come to the official Spotify app for Windows 10. Live Tiles are now available for the application, in various sizes.

Spotify has taken centerstage lately, after hitting the Windows Store earlier in 2017.

And that’s because Microsoft is done with its Groove Music service, and instead of that app, the company recommends users to switch to Spotify. Problem is, that while this is a solid enough port of the standard desktop version of Spotify, it lacked a number of features that users had grown accustomed to.

Prime among them was the availability of the Live Tiles.

Well, as revealed, Spotify has rectified that omission, and a new update for the app brings forth this feature. The implementation is rather simple, as you can see below, and advertises features Spotify playlists that you may be interested in.

Spotify Live Tiles

And although the Live Tile is available in different sizes, there are currently no options to show what you are currently playing. This limits its usability by quite a bit, but one can hope that this is next.

This, and more features like this that made the Groove app such a hit among Windows 10 users.

It’s a small step forward for what is an important multimedia app for the platform, and the update is now rolling out for everyone on the Microsoft Store. You can also manually download it from the link below if you want.

Download: Spotify Music

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