With Microsoft’s recent release of its new streaming music/video service, Xbox Music and Video, the streaming music world is becoming awfully crowded. While it remains to be seen how well Microsoft will do in this space, we are seeing competitor Spotify continue to ramp up its own efforts and expanding its presence.

Spotify is now closing in on about $100 million in financing, which will give the company a total value of about $1 billion and will allow them to expand into new territories while offering competitive services. Does Spotify represent a real threat to Microsoft?

With Xbox Music primarily being targeted on Microsoft device it’s hard to say at this point, and will largely depend on pricing, music selection and other factors. That said, Spotify seems to be targeting a move into the Microsoft OS world with their own Windows Phone 8 app for Spotify.

While this might bring competition directly Xbox Music to Windows Phone 8, it also helps Microsoft continue its efforts to keep its promise to bring 46 of the 50 most popular iOS/Android apps over to their newest smartphone OS.

Regardless of what service you use or prefer, this is good news on many levels. Firstly, there are many markets that only have Spotify as an option so having a way to listen to it on their Windows Phone 8 device is a good move. Second, competition is a good thing. Competition allows us to find the service that works best for us and keeps the price down as well.

What do you think of Spotify?

Are you glad to see its coming to Windows Phone 8?

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  • AnnieGirl

    This is a good news.. It will increase competition and at end will give us a less price products..

  • Rodney Longoria

    Indeed, this is good news! However, Spotify is going to have to do something about its interface, as it’s way too busy on the desktop platform. That’s the main reason I’ve switched over to Xbox Music. Simpler for me, is better.