Well there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. Sprint has officially become the only carrier in United States without a Windows Phone, as the company confirmed that it will be taking a break.

A break from the platform, that is to say.

Fine way to treat customers, but maybe they have their reasons. This probably is a business decision, all things considered, and chances are that their high overheads meant that Windows Phone was not worth it for them — surprising, still, considering they are one of the big four.

Third largest.

Anyway, after ending sales of Windows Phone powered smartphones on its website, Sprint has confirmed that while they expect to offer new handsets in the future, they will be stopping sales of the old and outdated ones.

The company offered the HTC 8XT and the Samsung ATIV S Neo, and offered them to customers for more than 18 months, a fairly lengthy stretch of time.

In a statement, a company PR representative had this to say:

“We do expect to bring new Windows Phone devices to our customers in the near future, and Sprint is committed to offering a variety of operating systems to our customers.”

While the wording “we do expect” doesn’t really inspire much confidence, there is still a chance that the carrier will get back to the party once newer Windows Phone 10 handsets make their way to the market.

Second half of next year, be a good guess.

Cannot be good news for Windows Phone, but really, the abovementioned hardware from HTC and Samsung was last generation after all. But this strategy from the wireless carrier leaves a lot to be desired. Sprint started on a bad foot, and never changed.

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