The learning curve in Windows 8 is somewhat steppe, or at least it appears to be on the surface. The truth is that Windows 8 has some changes with the Start Screen UI but it’s not hard to use. Recently a usability expert called Windows 8 out as disappointing, is there any truth to that?

Honestly, I don’t think so. There are changes with knowing where the Charm bars are, how to shut down, getting around the new UI, etc. Yes this can be a bit frightening and overwhelming at first.

Truthfully though, a few minutes of instruction on where items are can pretty much solve this issue for good. I will admit – even as a techie – Windows 8’s new UI threw me for a loop when it came to things like finding shut-down during the release frame of Windows 8 Consumer Preview.

Once I knew where everything was? It was a piece of cake, the learning curve is there, but getting over the curve doesn’t take much time or effort.

On Microsoft’s part they offer two ways to learn the new OS. The first way is through the included training video. The second way? Go to a Microsoft Store and you can get some hands-on help when it comes to learning all about how to use the new OS.

What about those that need a little help in learning the new OS and want direct human help but can’t make it to a Microsoft store?

If you have a Staples around, they are now promoting that each purchase of a Windows 8 computer or tablet comes with hands-on training that will help make it easier to upgrade to Windows 8.

Honestly, this is a great marketing tactic on Staples part. It shows that they aren’t just selling these newfangled contraptions, they actually know how to use and operate them as well.

This one of the top reasons I never recommend buying from big box stores if you need real help with your PC purchase, 90% of the time the staff there is totally untrained when it comes to dealing with PC advice.

What do you think of Staple’s new Windows 8 training marketing move?

A good idea on their part?

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  1. I think it’s awesome that a retailer out there is taking the initiative to teach people how to use the new UI. Sadly, there are still a ton of people that are intimidated by computers and technology – much of it is due to them not knowing or understanding how to work it. When you go and change up an UI so drastically you have to show the average person how to use it if you want to continue to sell it. Otherwise people are just going to continue being confused and complain about it – which won’t help sales at all.

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