Part of what makes Windows 8 special is its optimization for touch. While Windows 8 is perfectly usable with a keyboard and mouse, touch just makes more sense in many ways. That’s why Staple’s newest deal sounds quite amazing.

According to the new Staple’s promotion page, you can now pay full price on a Windows 8 touch notebook, touch all-in-one, or tablet and then you can fill out a special form that qualifies you to trade in your existing device for up to $400 credit back on your new purchase.

So what’s the catch here? Not much, other than not all old hardware will fetch you such high trade in values, additionally not all new touch machines are qualified for this promotion. For those wondering, yes the Surface RT and Surface Pro ARE included in this promotion.

Staples says that they will accept ANY notebook or netbook of any age for a minimum trade-in price of $100. For those of us with an older netbook or even a Pentium 4 laptop laying around, this could be a good deal. So how do you get up to $400? That’s reserved for trade-ins of ‘premium’ devices running an Intel i7, AMD FX processor, any Macbook Air, and any MacBook or MacBook Pro of up to four years of age.

Considering some of those devices are likely worth more than $400, this may or may not be a good deal for everyone. Once you sign up for the promotion, they will send you a prepaid shipping label so you can send in your older PC and its power supply. The box must be shipped back within the first 30 days after getting your new Windows PC.

Once they receive it, they will send you a Visa prepaid card in the mail for the amount agreed upon. Like all promotions of this kind, it is a limited offer and ends April 27th. Again, this deal isn’t necessarily good for those with newer devices, but if you happen to have an aging laptop around that only values around $80-$100, this could be worth your while.

That’s one thing I personally like about Staples, they often run discounts and promotions that are Windows-specific, and while not all of them are “steals”, some of these deals are very good. What do you think of Staple’s latest trade-in promotion, worth it or not?

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  1. I bought a HP Envy X2 for $599 and will get $100 back for my old notebook. That’s a good deal. Love windows 8 on it.

  2. Not worth it unless you have an old computer for the $100

    • I disagree. The Envy has been great for entertainment consumption and using productivity programs. It’s not meant for gaming or video encoding. I was looking at the Surface tablet but the battery life is too short and it’s way more expensive. With the Envy I can use it as a tablet for almost 8 hours. This comes with the keyboard which has an additional battery and brings the battery life up to about 14 hours.

  3. I would rather trade down from touch (and Win8), not up…

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