Part of the nature of Microsoft Windows is the ability to load the programs, apps and UI shells you want– at least in the traditional desktop.

There are many Windows users that feel that the newest OS is trying to hard to lock down and restrict us, luckily this isn’t really true and options exist that allow us to turn Windows into whatever we need it to be. If you are one of the anti-start-screen consumers out there that want Windows 8 but feel like the start menu should still be there, Start8 is a good alternative.

We’ve talked about Start8 before. It is a simple program, but it can return some of the functionality that a few users might crave. Now the Start8 program has entered its final non-beta commercial stage. The Start8 program will allow you to use a traditional start menu that can also integrate and search for Modern Windows 8 apps.

You can even pin and launch these new apps right from within the desktop apparently. This is important because it means you can still get the best of the new Windows Modern world without sacrificing the start menu.

Microsoft has been very firm about how they feel that the new UI is the future. It requires a bit of getting used to and is probably worth the adjustment in the long run, especially since it is likely that Microsoft will eventually phase the desktop out completely.

Still, if you just can’t see yourself parting with the desktop’s start menu, this could be the right choice for you. Start8 has a now has a 30 day free trial. After its expiration, the addition of the start menu will set you back just $4.99.

If you don’t want to spend $4.99 for something that arguably should be free and included in the first place, there are several alternatives out there that offer similar capabilities without the cost. Keep in mind that most of these alternatives aren’t going to include Modern/Metro integration into the start menu, though. What do you think, worth it or not?

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  1. Not worth it. i have been using 8 since the developers release. It should take no more than 15 minutes or so for the average user to understand the functionality of the 8 Desktop and tiles feature. You have three options (That I know of) for shutdown, one being right in the Charms Bar. Every application on your computer is right there in front of you, no reason to spend 5 bucks on an unnecessary app. Win 8 is a great OS as is. I’m seeing complaints similar to what was coming during the 3.11 to 95 switchover. They were unjustified then, and they are unjustified now.

    I dont even see this as being useful to novice users. When new users come on board, most are going to go right to Win 8 when they buy a new computer, thats what they are going to know. The start menu is a thing of the past.

    For users of Win 7 and other OS’s, if the learning curve is so great that you cannot figure out how to navigate your mouse from one side of the screen to the other, then you probably should just stick with Win 7 or XP or whatever OS your using, support for those OS’s will be around for quite some time.

    Win 8 is new technology and loaded with tons of new functionality, you can either move forward or stay back with what you know. Or you can start spending money to turn this new tech into old tech.

    • I like the new interface but I really miss RECENT DOCUMENTS. Where is that in 8?

      • hmmm you know what i forgot about that one never used it much though, as long as you have the app pinned to the taskbar, simply right click that instead and you’ll find all the recent files opened with that program.

        This applies to word, photoshop, blender and a wide range of other applications.

        other than that ‘search’ (start typing on the start screen) can help you fin whatever file you’re looking for quickly too.

    • It’s nice to see people who actually USE Windows 8 instead of basing their judgments on what other people have said. There is no need for a “start menu app”. If you can’t see that your apps are on the Start Screen, then there’s a problem. Better yet, put your most used apps on the taskbar of the desktop screen like you’ve been able to do since Windows XP.

  2. Not worth of it. Every Linux desktop brings you this functionality free of charge.

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