The Start Button Is An Old Friend That Is Now Back, Says Microsoft

Windows 8.1 has now taken flight, and the new operating system is available in hundreds of markets around the globe. And Redmond is now busy promoting its refreshed new platform.

This time, the company highlights some of the major new improvements that it made in Windows 8.1 in what it creatively calls ‘8.1 reasons to love Windows 8.1’. And when it comes to the returning Start button, Microsoft says that it is like the return of an old friend.

The blog post claims that this feature makes it easier for users to access their favorite features in the new operating system:

“The return of an old friend. It’s true. The Start button is back. When you’re on the desktop, you can use it to get back to Start anytime.”

Redmond also talks about several other new Windows 8.1 features — from Bing Smart Search to automated online storage from SkyDrive, enhanced touch screen typing, improved multitasking, more tile sizes, a revamped Lock Screen, the new Windows Store, and obviously, Internet Explorer 11:

“Your lock screen is now like a digital picture frame, as you can set it to show a slide show of your favorite photos. The Windows 8.1 lock screen also behaves more like your phone’s lock screen. You can immediately answer Skype calls and take photos without having to unlock your PC.”

Windows 8.1 is available right now as a free download for Windows 8 users from the Windows Store. Retail packages can also be purchased from Microsoft’s website or retailers across the world.

So what say you guys? Is the returning Start button really an old friend that is back, particularly in its current state without the Menu? Or the Start Screen is the way of the future, and this returning feature is just an inadequate contrivance?

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