Well, it’s official people. The Start Menu will return to Windows in a future update. Microsoft shared this exciting news at BUILD 2014, saying that they want to make the operating system more appropriate for desktop users.

Appropriate is the correct word, alright.

This was confirmed by Terry Myerson of Microsoft, who although refused to provide any specifics on when exactly this might happen, said that this feature will be returning in a future update.

Which means that Windows 8.1 users can expect it later this year.

A few screenshots were also posted during his keynote, and as expected, the new Start Menu features the perfect blend of the classic design along with just the right touch of the Modern UI — list of installed apps and Live Tiles will also be available in this new Start Menu.

Interestingly, this screenshot also shows that users will be able to launch Metro apps in their very own windows, confirming that the company is ready to mix the Modern UI and desktop in the future.

Previous rumors have hinted that these features will be part of Windows 9.

And while it is possible that such a change might only be reserved for the next full version of the operating system, it makes more sense to release these features to users as part of a second major update to Windows 8.1.

But before we get to that part, take over the comment box and let your thoughts be known. Excited for this return of the classic feature? Bet you are!

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  1. Don’t see the point other than the fact it’s hard to replicate the ease of recent applications or library menus in Win 8.x At least it’s not back in the Windows XP/7 Form

  2. I personally prefer the current approach but I know it is familiar thing for many. I hope there will be user options to change the default view for touch or mouse click. If so, I think the default view should be the full start screen in my opinion.

    • I get what you’re saying John, even though I prefer the smart menu. I think giving people the option would be smart. I know it’s possible technologically and I’m sure it’s not that difficult. Choices are always better!

    • I like the start screen, its more useful than the desktop. The focus should be to provide better file management within the start screen. Like a Windows 8.1 “explorer” to browse your pc without leaving the “Windows 8 Interface”

  3. I’m definitely excited to see it back. I know some people like the newer interface better, but it doesn’t seem like windows to me without the start menu!

  4. Bill Franklin / April 2, 2014 at 4:59 pm /Reply

    I like the start menu as well. The screenshot you posted is the ideal look for me. A simple desktop with a lot of different and clear options. To me, that includes a start menu.

  5. I remember they said threshold will have start menu. Then, does it mean Threshold is windows 8 update instead of win9?
    The start menu better to look like the one in win7; otherwise, someone will complain again.

  6. It’s not the traditional start menu, and I’m glad about that. Honestly the only thing worth missing from the old start menu was recent applications/documents and and being able to have libraries or other functions display as a list instead of a button. There is the search box on the start menu, but how is going to the bottom left to click start and getting a search box any different than going to the upper right to get the one in the charm bar? Anything else useful from the start menu is part of the 8.1 start list. At least it still puts the focus on Metro even when you go to start. Of course you know some will complain that it’s still not exactly like the one in Windows 7. You got the start list, you complained. You’re getting a version of the start menu, you still complain. At this point if you still have a problem with Windows 8 as it relates to the start menu, you’re just complaining for the sake of complaining.

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