There’s no denying that Microsoft’s mobile platform has got a lot of work to do on home turf. Windows Phone US share has not only been insignificant, it is also immobile.

It’s been a tough fight — with both Apple and Google also vying for dominance in the home market.

However, if we take this StatCounter data into account, it becomes clear that the Windows Phone platform is actually doing a tad worse than the statistics from other sources. According to the company, Windows Phone just has a 1.44% share.

That is for the month of October 2014, obviously.

And well below expectations.

Sure, it’s hard to tell whether these figures are accurate or not, particularly because StatCounter is better known as the provider of desktop and operating system browser numbers.

But this much is certain that Microsoft has its work cut out, in order to take the fight to both iOS and Android. The company seems up for the task, but the US market is a hard one to crack, right next to the Chinese one.

Then again, these two regions are listed as the most important ones for a reason.

Just for the record, iOS currently powers 55.22% of devices in the country, while Android comes in second place in the United States with 41.36% to its name. That is, according to StatCounter.

The company also lists a 3.38% share for Windows Phone in Europe, for what it’s worth.

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