Statistics are often amusing. Unofficial statistics, on the other hand, are often hilarious. Take the worldwide market share of Windows 8, for example, which has been an element of great interest among the technology community.

Microsoft’s latest operating system was unleashed late last year, and since then the sales performance of Windows 8 is regularly said to be below expectations.

But nevertheless, the OS has already taken its place as the third most popular operating system in the world (after Windows 7 and Windows XP) with a share of 5.4 percent. This is, obviously, according to the statistic revealed by market researcher Net Applications.

Now another research firm has provided its tally for the month of July.

StatCounter is claiming that Windows 8 is actually powering an even bigger number of computers. Figures in this part of the woods reveal that Microsoft’s newest platform currently holds a share of 6.61 percent worldwide — a fair bit higher than what Net Applications is reporting.

However, here Windows 8 is the fourth top platform in the world after Windows 7, XP and Mac OS X. Apple’s latest powers 7.35 percent of the connected machines across the globe.

So all in all, Windows 8 appears to be making certain progress.

Attention is now shifting towards Windows 8.1, the first major upgrade to the platform that is expected to be unveiled in the coming weeks, and is projected to bring a number of improvements.

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