Bummed about the Nokia Lumia 920 being an exclusive to AT&T? I’m right there with you, trust me. For me, AT&T just doesn’t work in my area and so my main choice is generally Verizon. That means the only Nokia choice I have is the Lumia 822.

The good news is this might all be changing soon.

A recent Cnet interview sees Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop drop some pretty big hints about Verizon and Nokia’s future together. According to Stephen, Nokia is looking to launch “another similar hero exercise with a different operator.” Later on in the same interview he also mentions that “we’re pleased to have just restarted our relationship with Verizon. We are planning a lot of exciting things with Verizon as well.”

This lead Cnet to ask whether that meant Verizon was getting a flagship phone as well, Elop responded by saying they have a lot of exciting things in store for the company, and he left it at that.

Putting the puzzle pieces together, Verizon and Nokia are likely planning something. Whether its a minor change to the Lumia 920 under a name like “922” or something entirely different? Hard to say for sure.

Would you consider purchasing a new Windows Phone 8 flagship device from Verizon?

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