The big question here, friends and neighbors, is who exactly is leaking these details. It is one thing finding about a shortlist, but another one entirely knowing that one of the main candidate will consider getting rid of the Bing and Xbox division.

But this is exactly the talk of the town at the moment.

Nokia boss Stephen Elop has long been considered a frontrunner for the post of next Microsoft CEO. And while nothing is certain who will take things over as Ballmer’s successor, there have been some queries on just how much will the incoming CEO shake things up at the company.

Bloomberg, however, claims that Elop is open to some radical shifts, including selling off either of these two divisions. The reasoning behind this notion is simple enough — to focus on the core competencies, which as of right now are software and cloud.

Microsoft has poured billions of dollars into both Xbox and Bing, and has not exactly gained much financial benefits out of these units, up until now.

Needless to say, both divisions are also on the hit list of investors that want Microsoft to maximize profits, and stop investing (or wasting, depending on who is doing the talking) money on these two endeavors that have potential but are not really going anywhere in terms of earnings.

What do you guys think of this? More importantly, who is the one leaking out these details? Shareholders? Insiders? Or even the few candidates that are up for the post of CEO?

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  • Ray C

    The short list needs to get shorter by one person. This is what has caused so many problems for people these days, companies worried about returns to investors more than anything else. Also, where would we be if every company out there decide to only keep selling or developing their 3 most profitable products?

    • Mike Greenway

      Amen. In my book his name would change to EFlop. But I’m trying to get in mind that 50% of all “Reportedly” post are BS.