A bit ironic considering Stephen Elop, when he was in the running for the CEO role, reportedly said that he was open to spinning off these two division. Back then it struck many with surprise.

But irrespective of what he said at that time, the latest from the Redmond campus is that both leaders are fully committed to these two products, and there is no chance that either of these would be discontinued — for short term gains.

These are the words of Phil Spencer, the head of Microsoft Studios, who was speaking at SXSW:

“Xbox is a really critical brand for us as a company as Microsoft; when you think about consumers, what they love about our company, Xbox is one of the most beloved brands that the company has.

We’re in the middle of a good, competitive battle in the console space with PlayStation, which is great for the industry. And they remain extremely committed to us succeeding with Xbox, which is nice to hear, right? It’s something that resonates well inside the walls when you’re talking to the teams, or when I stand in front of Xbox fans, I want to make sure that they understand we are extremely committed to this product.”

Well, you can’t ask for more than this, really.

Stephen Elop has recently taken charge as the new devices and studios head at Microsoft, and this much seems certain that the company will continue its big investments in hardware, as the technology titan completes its transition to into a devices and services firm.

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  1. They should be

  2. There’s no doubt XBOX is a brand customers love and recognize, but I’m afraid Bing maybe a lost cause.

  3. Jake Phillips / March 10, 2014 at 1:14 pm /Reply

    Glad to hear. I have XBOX ONE and I hope Microsoft doesn’t let go of an awesome brand!

  4. I agree with everything said in the comments so far. XBOX is clearly more important than Bing in terms of customer support and loyalty.

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