That Stephen Elop fellow is one funny guy. In fact, he’s almost the technology world’s version of a superhero. The man in charge of pulling Nokia out of the rut is a bona fide multitasker.

I mean, there are not many that can throw away an iPhone while steadfastly dodging questions about one’s upcoming smartphone — and having a good time while at it.

The Nokia CEO was invited in a show on Finnish TV station MTV3 to show off the recently launched Lumia 620. The presenter switched focus to the rumored Lumia 928 (yup the Verizon version that we recently talked about) before pulling out an Apple iPhone.

The always colorful Elop exclaimed “Oh, how embarrassing” and then threw away the fruity smartphone and followed it up by saying “I’ll take care of that!”

For your eyes only:

He sure did take care of that.

Yeah, you can say that he did not actually threw it away, just a really solid set aside, but needless to say the CEO of the Finnish telecommunication giant seems to be no fan of Apple’s smartphone.

Elop dodged the questions about Nokia Lumia 928 several times, saying that he did not know what the phone was since it was unannounced. Yeah, we believe that.

Nevertheless, Nokia has been making some very impressive strides after joining Microsoft’s mobile camp. This year could really see the former giant near its former glory, as word on the street is that the handset maker is soon set to announce several new models in and around summer.

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  1. LOL that iPhone slid across the floor.

  2. hahahahahahahahaha, that guy!! LOL
    He still was more gentle than i would have been btw….

  3. His response when asked about unannounced products should be “We’ll have to ship it so we can find out what’s in it.”

  4. come on stop jerking us around WE WANT A 928 NOW!!!

  5. I bet that iphone shattered into a million pieces haha

  6. The good thing out of it is that he just sold him a Lumia 🙂

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