Breaking news. Heartbreaking news, for some. Former CEO Steve Ballmer leaves Microsoft completely, and has just announced his decision to step down as board member.

He is currently the company’s number one individual shareholder, and now finds himself involved in other projects after recently acquiring his very own NBA team. Ballmer has confirmed that he does not have the time to serve the technology giant, while emphasizing his love for Microsoft.

The former CEO further explained that he fully supports the new CEO and the new mobile first, cloud first strategy that the company is pursuing.

A small selection from his letter to Nadella:

“I had not spent any time really contemplating my post-Microsoft life until my last day with the company. In the six months since leaving, I have become very busy. I see a combination of the Clippers, civic contribution, teaching and study taking a lot of time.

I have confidence in our approach of mobile-first, cloud-first, and in our primary innovation emphasis on platforms and productivity and the building of capability in devices and services as core business drivers. I hold more Microsoft shares than anyone other than index funds and love the mix of profits, investments and dividends returned in our stock. I expect to continue holding that position for the foreseeable future.”

Steve Ballmer has spent more than 30 years at the company, and in many ways built the foundation upon with Microsoft now stands. He took over leadership duties from Bill Gates in 2000, serving as the top boss at Redmond for a total of 13 years.

Criticized by some, applauded by many — there is no doubting the impact that Steve had on the software titan over the decades. The technology industry will not be the same without him.

End of an era, then.

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  1. No surprise since he has other ventures now. I wish him nothing but the best. Also, he will still be able to have a say in the company going forward if he wants, even if it’s not as potent as before.

  2. there time to go in and a time to go
    get some fresh young leaders in

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