Let it go, eh? Nah, not happening. Steve Ballmer, the former Microsoft CEO, has made few headlines since he left the company, but whenever he gives an interview, it’s a bit of an event.

After all, the man spent nearly 34 years at the software titan.

Not to mention that he’s the largest individual shareholder of Microsoft stock.

Speaking of which, his shares were a point of discussion in a recent interview that he gave during the WSJD Live event last week, where the former CEO explained that he has no intention of selling his stake in the company.

Not now, not in the future, never.

Ballmer says that he plans on being a Microsoft shareholder until he dies.

Anyway, the man is also the owner of the Los Angeles Clippers NBA team, after he finalized a purchase of nearly $2 billion earlier this year. But he still keeps an eye on how Microsoft is doing, as much as possible, in fact.

Though he also admitted that he is not actively involved with Redmond right now, when it comes to management decisions and all that.

Another highlight of his interview was the claim that real money comes from devices — hence the focus on hardware from Microsoft. It actually started when he was the CEO, and Ballmer says that the company needs to keep moving in this direction.

Wise words, from an experienced hand.

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