All three Microsoft CEOs, former and current, have now taken the ALS ice bucket challenge, with Steve Ballmer becoming the latest addition to this exclusive list of three.

He follows Satya Nadella’s effort and Bill Gates’ creative work.

Ballmer actually tweeted the video of himself taking the challenge. Interesting. His Twitter account had seen little action up until now, and the clip has been uploaded to a new YouTube account with the username “SteveBClippers”, no doubt referring to his $2 billion purchase of the L.A. Clippers this week.

Here is the 10 second video, raw and uncut:

The name of the video clip is rather interesting, “WP 20140815 001”, which, of course, is the naming scheme of that Windows Phone automatically uses, along with the date information.

Microsoft’s former CEO was challenged to dump a bucket of ice water on his head in the name of ALS awareness by Clippers player Spencer Hawes, and Ballmer has now passed the challenge onto team coach Doc Rivers, former UCLA football coach Rick Neuheisel and Hal Wright.

Yeah, no idea to which Hal Wright he is referring to.

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