Well he is almost near retirement age, anyway! Former Microsoft CEO of 13 years, Steve Ballmer, was officially replaced by a new face, Satya Nadella, last month.

However, he has remained with the company as a director.

But now there is a chance of him leaving Redmond completely, and surprising as it may sound, the man is currently pondering complete retirement. Then again, there were rumors that Steve Ballmer would depart the board of director at the same time he left the job of the CEO.

Talking to the Wall Street Journal on the WSJ Digits blog, Ballmer, who is 58 today, said that he was not sure how long he will remain a Microsoft director. And he will figure out his next challenge after his retirement from the software titan:

“It really as much as anything depends on how I see rest of my life playing out. I have a chance to really think.”

Which is just another way of saying that he is aware he does not factor or feature into what Microsoft is planning next. The board is okay with his exit, even though the man himself was pretty bullish about keeping his seat as the second biggest individual shareholder.

In fact, he also reveals how he was uncharacteristically quiet during the company’s recent meetings a few weeks back, explaining that he did not talk like he did when he was CEO — the chirpy old Ballmer.

Steve Ballmer also praised his replacement, saying that Satya Nadella is doing a great job.

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  • Wayne S

    By today’s standards, 58 is pretty young, but considering he’s a billionaire we know he doesn’t need more money. If he wants to retire, I can’t blame him. If I had that kind of coin, I would’ve retired a long time ago.

    • Emily W

      I agree, Wayne! The second I reached 1 Billion, I would’ve been on an island somewhere! 🙂

    • Jake

      I get what you’re saying and I don’t disagree, but this is someone who may still love his job and feels as though he’s being forced out. Usually, billionaires love their work or they wouldn’t be as successful as they are.

  • Ted Smith

    It sounds like he’s just burnt out. It’s hard to blame him. I’m sure he had to work his tail off to get to where he is today. Best of luck to him in retirement.