Windows Phone 8 just launched a week ago but that doesn’t stop us from already thinking about how the mobile OS will do when compared to Windows Phone 7. While many consumers that used Windows Phone 7 liked it, it never really managed to get that many killer apps and largely was ignored by many consumers looking to buy a smartphone.

That being said, Windows Phone 8 is getting a lot more attention so far and has received relatively positive reviews so far. It doesn’t hurt that the new start screen looks a heck of a lot better, at least in my opinion. I always felt that the start screen on Windows Phone 7 looked a bit cheaper and didn’t utilize all the space as well with that black gap on the right side of the screen where the arrow was.

That said, Windows Phone 8 takes up the whole start screen, has re-sizable icons and looks great.

Windows Phone 8’s success might not yet be known, but it will likely depend a lot on how hard Microsoft markets the mobile OS. It will also help if Windows 8 does well in the tablet world.
Not surprisingly, Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer speaks confidently about the newly launched mobile OS. At a conference in Israel he stated the following:

“With the work we have done with Nokia, HTC, Samsung and others … there is now an opportunity to create really a strong third participant in the smartphone market.
We’re still relatively small … I expect the volumes on Windows Phone to really ramp quickly.

Microsoft is spending record amounts of money on marketing the heck out of its products and is quickly painting the image of a new and sexy Microsoft in the heads of consumers. Let’s face it, even Microsoft fans will say that Microsoft products haven’t been “sexy or alluring” in a very long time.

Functional yes, sexy– not so much. If Microsoft can change public perception of the company in such a big way, Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8/RT will be massive hits.

What do you think? Are you planning on getting a Windows Phone 8 device or not?

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