Steve Jobs has passed away

A great man passed away today.

He changed the world. words cannot convey the sadness we all feel.

  • Onuora Amobi

    A truly great man indeed

  • jie

    rip, steve jobs 🙁

  • Konan Yao

    I don’t feel any sadness for the sole reason that i don’t know him personnaly and i don’t really like his personnality.
    Though i can acknowledge that he did bring some significant changes in the computing realm unfortunately not always for the better.

  • PJ Hilleges

    I hope what you are saying can be verified about Master Steve Jobs (I say this only because it it hard to believe it is true). He had a unequal way of doing things that seemed to work out every time it came to the challenge. Master Jobs had seen a goal and pursued it to the fullest.  I can’t help but wonder, what will happen to the company now…. or will “Billy-Boy” try to mess that up again or his predecessors? Microsoft needs Apple, just as Apple needs Microsoft and this can be extended to all the others..too. It seems like only yesterday he and his friends where building systems out of Steve’s garage with parts from the Tandy store aka: “Radio Shack”. If it is true, in spite of what others may think of him, Master Jobs, was
    a….. no, Master Jobs has and will be a great & respected man and sadly missed.

    As for the “free gift” it would be nice and gladly welcomed, but I am highly doughty if I would receive one. Seems like I end up paying for it anyway in the end, but thank you anyway.

    White Necromancer

  • Bron

    It felt like I lost a family member or really close friend. RIP