It has been a while since we have heard from Steven Sinofsky, the former Windows boss who decided to part ways with Microsoft soon after the launch of Windows 8, the company’s newest operating system he helped build.

And now the former senior executive has talked about the new OS and Microsoft’s Surface tablets in a new interview.

He joined a Q&A session at Wall Street Journal’s All Things Digital conference and explained that it was hard not to be excited about the 100 million license sold since the launch of the new operating system:

“One of the things we tried really hard to do during the development process was be extremely open and transparent about the rationale. Those decisions we made as a team. As for sales, it’s hard for me to look at selling 100 million of something and not be happy.”

The former high-profile executive also talked about the criticism that Windows 8 has not actually managed to lend a hand to the declining PC industry, saying that this is all because of the huge change the industry is going through right now:

“The industry is undergoing a tremendous amount of change. I think that is exciting and it means a lot of opportunity. It will take a long time for things to play out. It’s exciting but it means while it is going on you have to resist the urge to pick winners and losers. Things are just very different.

The nature of the computer is undergoing a transformation. Form factors of PC is one effect of that but more is going on under the hood.”

More is going on under the hood, alright — and this is a fact that is so often conveniently overlooked by several in the industry.

Nevertheless, Sinofsky is still an avid Surface user, even as he decided to leave Microsoft in November 2012 due to what was widely perceived as growing tension between him and CEO Steve Ballmer.

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  • Ray Rowland

    For a company that changes OS for no good reason than to get people to spend money he’s bound to make these comments. The real truth is they change to new OS and use questionable marketing techniques to shift the product. This the do even though they have not sorted out the preceding OS and then along comes 8 and a list of security issues and thangs that “Could” go wrong.
    This all represents a company that uses bully boy tactics to shift there product and the real sadness is the think no one notices.
    Well sorry boys and girls some people notice and are not impressed.

    • Agosto Nuñez

      Says the man with a Windows 8 Logo as his avatar (–_–)

  • Agosto Nuñez

    I agree, Windows 8 is a fantastic O.S. and it is a major improvement, I’m glad for those 100.000.000 lucky people who have purchased it.

  • jordan

    I’m happy with my nokia lumia windows 8 OS. And my notebook windows 8 OS. Guys just try it and once you get use to using our beautiful users Interface …it’s addicting seeing live tiles in your start screen (personalized and customized). Compared to the still icons used by others .