Steven Sinofsky Now Working As An Advisor For Cloud Storage Startup Box

Steven Sinofsky Now Working As An Advisor For Cloud Storage Startup Box

I guess we can now safely strike off one name of the list. No many, if any, believed Steven Sinofsky could return back to lead Microsoft after the retirement of Steve Ballmer.

And now we can be even surer that the former Windows 7 boss will not come back at Microsoft in a CEO position — as it was revealed today that he has taken up a position at the cloud storage startup Box, where he will work as an advisor.

Steven Sinofsky, after deciding to leave Microsoft following the launch of Windows 8 also recently announced that he would be joining Andreessen Horowitz as a part-time board partner. These two positions along with his lecture gig and working on his blog should keep his quite occupied.

With the cloud market getting bigger every day, Sinofsky is now expected to use his illustrious experience of 20 years at Microsoft to support the growth of Box.

Aaron Levie, co-founder and CEO of Box, said in an official statement:

“Steven has a stronger and more fluid vision for the future of computing than almost anyone I’ve met. As we kept talking and sometimes meeting over Pho, I realized we had to get him involved with Box.

Steven has spent much of his career thinking about technology transformations, navigating them, and — in many cases — helping to drive them. In this role, he’ll lend his experience and insights as we take Box’s product and platform strategies and organizations to the next level.”

Even though there was a slim chance of this happening, Sinofsky was still being considered by some as one of the potential replacements for Steve Ballmer. A newly founded committee (which includes Bill Gates) is currently said to be looking at high-profile executives, both inside and outside Redmond.

The outgoing Microsoft CEO has announced that he would leave the company once a successor is found.

  • Rodney Longoria

    I’d say who cares where Sinofsky ends up, so long as it is not back with MS! So this is good news.