Hmmm. Apple continues to talk smack about the Surface Pro 3, while Microsoft continues assault on the iPhone, this time with three strange new Lumia ads apparently destined for television screens.

These commercials are meant to promote the recently launched Lumia 830, 730 and 735 — the second and third Windows Phone handsets to come directly from Redmond after the takeover of Nokia’s devices and services unit.

And they were published last week, to align with the marketing campaign for these new devices.

All three videos talk about how Microsoft smartphones result in less frustration for users, compared to other handsets out there. They are titled “Blaine Group Therapy”, “Jake Group Therapy” and “Clay Group Therapy”, and you can watch them below:

Set during a group therapy session, the ads show the gathered people talking about their relationships, with clear references to Apple Siri — the digital voice assistant available on the iPhone.

Microsoft is, obviously, mocking the service for not correctly understanding what users are saying.

At the same time, the clips subliminally promote Cortana, the voice assistant that was introduced with Windows Phone 8.1, which comes with remarkable personalization features to go with system-wide integration with the operating system.

The ads, however, go for the jokes, but they don’t always land. The general public will probably will not get the idea. Maybe the length is a problem? All three clips are under the 15 seconds mark, after all

What do you think?

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  • CaraMa

    I hate this back and forth! These major companies seem like insecure teenagers tearing others down. Have confidence in your product and you won’t have to take shots at others. The market is big enough!

  • Ray C

    LOL. These commercials are kind of crazy. I think early next year they should do another fighting commercial or do one parodying the arrogance of Apple