With the Black Friday weekend behind us now, how well did Windows 8 products do at Microsoft Stores? According to Global Equities Research, sales were actually quite good, especially from Sony, Acer and Dell.

These brands received a lot of attention during Black Friday and the rest of the weekend, in large part due to strong advertisements from Microsoft.

For Acer, it is the Acer Aspire V5 notebook that saw the most love during Black Friday. GER analyst Trip Chowdhry says that each Microsoft Store carried about 500 units of the Aspire V5 for Black Friday, and each of them sold out in about thirty minutes.

Honestly, this isn’t that surprising since the Aspire V5 was only selling for $399, which is a pretty fair price when it comes to getting a reasonably capable Windows 8 laptop.

Sony also did great in the notebook arena with its Sony Vaio Touch Intel I7 ultrabook, managing to sell out at Microsoft Stores as well.

The Vaio touch is $1500, and while this might be a little steep for some of us, it didn’t seem to slow sales down any. Last but not least, the Dell XPS One 27 also saw strong sales, according to Global Equities Research.

The all-in-one runs at about $2000 and while Chowdhry didn’t note how many Microsoft had at its stores, he did say it seemed to be selling very quickly.

Ironically, the Windows RT-based Microsoft Surface didn’t seem to be selling nearly as fast as some of these other offerings.

Chowdry said sales were decent, but many of those who expressed interest in getting the Surface ended up stating they would wait off for the Intel-based Pro model.

This leads Chowdhry to suggest that if Microsoft had shipped Surface Pro first, it might have sold as much as 5 times better than it is doing right now.

A big claim, though it’s hard to say if he is right or wrong until we see the Surface Pro next year.

How about you, did you pick up a Windows 8 device during the holiday shopping weekend, if so what brand and model did you end up going with?

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