Exclusive Windows Phone apps are few and far between, and good ones are even rarer. Cover Facebook Edition is an example of one such application done just right.

Enjoying a near perfect rating on the Windows Phone Store, this free app lets you easily create some wonderful Facebook cover images right on your smartphones. Two modes are available — Collage and Transparent, each with their unique set of options.

The former lets you make a photo collage of your cover image. Just choose your template, select the images you want in, and that’s that.

If you want to create a cover image using a single photo, then the second mode will serve you well.

Text can be added to the covers, font sizes and colors can be revised. And the most recent update to the application brings support for higher quality cover images, four times the pixel count. It is also possible to mirror your images, to help with compositions.

Cover Facebook Edition works with both Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 8.1, and can upload your creations directly to the social network from within.

Although effortlessly easy to use, a few more options would be welcome here in terms of templates and effects. But fingers crossed, these are coming in a future update, to what is already a very nicely done application. Worth a try.

You can download Cover Facebook Edition from here.

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