One thing Microsoft concentrated on early into development of Windows 8.1 was making its flagship platform even more exciting for coders, software and app developers.

Even when we just knew it as Windows Blue, Redmond regularly put up blog posts and special pages to help developers get around the new and upcoming features of the platform. The company obviously expects a new wave of apps on the Windows Store around the time Windows 8.1 launches.

And to streamline the process even further, Microsoft has just announced that developers now have an even easier way to submit age ratings for their Windows Store app.

Users can now head on over to the age rating and rating certificates page in the developer dashboard, and simply upload the GDF XML file, instead of the previous process of including an age rating in every created app using the GDFMaker tool.

Microsoft explained this in a blog post:

“This new process dramatically reduces the number of steps required to add third-party age ratings to your app, and removes the possibility of making an error when adding GDF files to your app packages.”

The idea, basically, is to make it easier for developers to get their apps in the Store.

Redmond would be hoping to see another significant increase in the quantity (and quality) of apps on the Windows Store. While the lack of apps was often cited as one of the main setbacks of the platform in the early days of Windows 8, things are looking on the up.

Developers, large and small, are coding up their Metro solutions, and this streamlined process of getting more Modern UI apps on the Windows 8.1 platform will only help.

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