Super Cheap Android Phones Arrive, Microsoft Assures Reply

More from the affordable front. As per expectations, Google has announced the advent of cheap Android phones, thanks to the Android One program.

And rightly so, Microsoft have promised an equally engaging reply on the low end.

In fact, the phones are here a couple of weeks early. Last we heard, the Android One platform of highly affordable devices was set for an October initiation. Speaking of which, for those of uninitiated with what this is, these basically are sub $100 devices that offer near stock Android experience.

Following today’s announcement, Microsoft have quickly pointed out that that the profile of their low end smartphones is steadily on the up.

In the words of Chris Weber, the company is keen on developing better and more affordable devices for these developing markets. An entire strategy is now in place for this:

“We’re just beginning a refresh of the entire portfolio. We aim to push the price point of Windows phones significantly lower – we certainly see that happening on the Android ecosystem – without impacting quality and experience.”

Redmond continues to push down prices, while bringing the Windows Phone operating system to more affordable hardware. At the same time, the company is bringing some of the features that are exclusive to flagship devices to medium and low end devices.

The recently announced Lumia 830 with a PureView camera is an example illuminated.

And with the slow of new hardware partners launching Windows Phone devices that have recently launched, the party is only heating up. Some 22 devices have already been announced, and you may even be able to buy a Windows Phone tablet if the star align the right way.

Exact a paradigm shift in the mobile landscape within the next year or so.

  • Yorker

    This market is up for grabs. The upper priced smartphones is pretty full at the moment, but it makes sense for WP to try and make their money here for the time being.

    • Phil2

      I agree competing with Galaxy and iPhone is going to be difficult especially in the US. Because of that, I think targeting the tier below that is smart.

      • Black Eagle

        This is true.They still need high end devices. You need that Corvette sitting out front to sell the Cobolt.

        • Paul Jefferson

          All good points. The truth is they need both, but low end isn’t a bad place to start.