After surfacing in rumors last week, this amazing new deal has now gone live. Part of Microsoft’s promotional 12 Days of Deals discount campaign, Surface fans can now treat themselves to something very special.

We first heard about this Surface 2 bundle last week.

And now Redmond is offering a screen protector, Office 365 Home Premium and a few other items at only $149. The first 20 customers in each store, can actually get this bundle for just $99. The prices for the Surface Pro 2 bundle are just a tad up.

But you can take a peek at this deal in this video below:

Microsoft’s full statement provides the complete details:

“Today, December 14, 2013, get the Surface/Surface 2 essential bundle or the Surface Pro/Surface Pro 2 essential bundle with everything you need! (Surface device not included, customers must purchase a Surface Pro or Surface Pro 2 to qualify).”

So you need to buy a Surface Pro or Surface Pro 2 to qualify, but if you have been planning to grab Microsoft’s premium slate, then no better time than now. In fact, quantities are limited, according to the company, so make your move fast.

The deal is only available in the United States, by the way, and you will need to visit your nearest Microsoft Store, as this is not for preorders or tablet purchases made online.

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  • Ray C

    I still think they need to do a now til Christmas or New Years sale on Generation 1. Sell the tablet for 149$ and offer some type of discount on first generation covers. These things are starting to sell. Developers are running out of excuses not to develop Windows apps