Surface 2 Graphics Glitch Confirmed By Microsoft, Fix Incoming

When it comes to hardware Microsoft surely has learnt a lot since unleashing the original Surface RT late last year. The company’s premiere tablet suffered from a number of issues, large and small, many of which were fixed in the following months.

But in the meantime, the technology titan, no doubt, gained valuable insight into hardware.

An insight which seems to have worked wonders with the second generation Surface lineup. Both the Surface 2 and the Surface Pro 2 have largely been bug free and glitch free releases. However, some users are reporting a few problems here and there.

One issue being reported is with the video card on the Surface 2.

According to user comments on Microsoft’s official community forums, the screen crashes, displays some random pixels (more like gibberish), and the issue is only cleared once a reboot is performed.

After doing some thorough investigation, Microsoft has confirmed the issue, while revealing that no workaround is available for the time being:

“There is a graphics issue on Surface 2 that is impacting a very limited number of users. We are happy to report that a fix will be delivered thru Windows Update on December 10th.

In the meantime, if you encounter an issue with incorrect images on your display on Surface 2, then restarting your device should relieve the issue temporarily prior to the permanent fix provided via the December update. If the issue persists, you can contact Surface Support to exchange your Surface.”

This particular issue, it seems, is not particularly widespread. And while rebooting the device is the only logical workaround for now, it is only a couple of weeks before next month’s Patch Tuesday comes strolling around.

Expect the problem to be completely fixed by then via a firmware update.