We knew they were coming, and now we have the details. Microsoft has just announced that its newest hardware devices, the second generation Surface tablets, are now available for customers.

Both the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 were officially unveiled on September 23.

The tablets have launched in 21 countries as of right now, and while Redmond has not exactly clarified which markets they tablets are initially available, the company has confirmed that it is working hard with its partners across the globe to bring it more markets in the near future.

Microsoft announced the availability of the tablets in a post on the official Surface blog, and using the occasion to praise its newest generation slates labeling it as the most productive tablet on the market. And honestly speaking, this is not too far away from the truth:

“It’s not just a laptop: laptops aren’t as thin or light and don’t have a battery that lasts an entire day. It’s also not just a tablet: tablets don’t have click-in keyboards and Microsoft Office that allow real work to get done. It’s not like any device you’ve ever seen.”

The brand new devices are now available both online and offline — Microsoft Stores and select retailers.

Pricing starts at $449 for the 32GB version of Surface 2 and goes up to $1,799 for the deluxe Surface Pro 2 with 512GB storage capacity. The tablets are powered by Windows 8.1 and Windows RT 8.1, and both models have received significant hardware upgrades under (and over) the hood.

Now all we need are some reports on how the devices fare in terms of sales around the world. Keeping in mind how much Microsoft has streamlined its retail channels recently, expect a good showing.

Over to you guys, then. Planning on getting one of these? Make it official in the comments below.

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  • Ray C

    Dang I really wish I had the money for a new tablet. I have to check what apps/games I’m using on other devices against Windows Store

    • Mike Greenway

      My tablet saving account got diverted into an Xbox One and some games, but now how am I going to use smart glass? I’d get the surface 2 in a minute. I want the new recipe app with gestures for the kitchen. Mail, maps and internet when we travel.

  • Charles V Brown Jr

    I have had the Surface 2 64GB since Tuesday … love the multiple window multi-tasking. Add LTE/GPS and the Surface 2 would be an excellent iPad 4/Air tablet replacement.

    PS Miracast on the Surface 2 works well with the NetGear Push2TV device to deliver display (mirror and extended) to an big screen HDTV — super great for spreadsheets, web browsers, pictures. A little less than ideal for mirroring NetFlix or other streaming video content. I think this is OK since HDTVs or BlueRays provide streaming video to HDTVs just fine.