Microsoft made available both its second generation Surface tablets for preorder a little while back, and early reports are suggesting that Surface 2 slates are in high demand.

High enough demand that they could go out of stock any time now.

The first generation Surface slates had a bit of a checkered start — and they never really gained the necessary momentum. Obviously, there was also the factor that they were not readily available in all markets and either lacked in processing prowess (Surface RT) or battery life (Surface Pro).

Ultimately, this resulted in the tablets failing to move high numbers.

But now things seem to be on the up, and Microsoft is recommending people that want to purchase a Surface 2 unit to do so as soon as possible. Brian Hall, the general manager of the Surface project said in a blog post that the tablet is available in limited numbers and can actually go out of stock:

“We want you to know we have limited availability. You should pre-order now to ensure getting the products you want on Oct. 22.”

While there is every chance that the technology giant is recording a terrific success with its second generation slates, there is also a possibility that the company is selling more tablets than it can produce.

Redmond may have gone in with caution this time around and ordered smaller quantities, which going by past experience is a solid strategy.

If demand rises, the company can always produce more units.

But for now, if you are interested in getting your hands on the Surface 2 (or Surface Pro 2, for that matter) as early as possible, then make sure you preorder and reserve your device straight away. Microsoft will start shipping out the first batch to customers by October 21.

The slates will be officially on store shelves October 22.

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  1. I hope I see these devices in movies, music videos, and in the hands of celebrities this time around.

  2. Excellent sales gimic…create the illusion of a shortage before the merchandise is available. Once again I will need several of these, but this time around I am waiting to read some reviews on the Surface 2 & Surface Pro and make sure it is available. Last year I flew to US 2 times and returned to Seoul empty handed both time becuz MS screwed up the distro so badly.

  3. As I could upgrade my RT to 8.1, I would pass on Surface 2.

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