The rumors were all true! Not only the gossips that Microsoft was developing an LTE enabled version of its Surface 2 tablet, but the price tag that was recently reported in the media has also held true.

Microsoft has finally unveiled its Surface 2 tablet with LTE, rather quietly, one might say.

The slate is available starting tomorrow (March 18) in the United States via Microsoft Stores, Best Buy and other retail outlets that sell Surface devices. Cellular LTE connectivity is provided via AT&T and no wireless contract is needed for now.

However, chances are that the wireless carrier might launch its own deal for the Surface 2 soon.

In terms of hardware, the device comes with pretty much the same specifications, features, and dimensions — though obviously it is bound to be just a bit heavier compared to the standard model, owing to the additional chip for wireless connectivity.

And as previously rumored, the device is only offered in 64GB storage capacity, but a 32GB variant is not out of the picture just yet, particularly if the slate sells well.

The pricing for the Surface 2 with LTE, at least in the United States, comes in at $679, without any cover or accessory of any sorts, but with two years of free SkyDrive storage up to 200GB. Microsoft is also said to be working on a European launch, and is currently in negotiations with Vodafone.

Now all we need now is a smaller Surface unit to go head-to-head with the Nexus 7 and the iPad Mini.

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  • Ted Smith

    David, what are your thoughts on this price? I think it’s a little high for this kind of product, but maybe I’m off base.

  • Jason Claven

    This looks awesome! It’s extremely understated and still visually appealing. There’s no doubt this looks much more professional than the iPad to me. I think this will take over offices soon enough.

  • Bill Franklin

    The price does seem a little expensive, but free 200 GB of SkyDrive does make it a better deal. I’d consider buying this, but I first want to make sure they’re aren’t any bugs and I hope the price still does come down a little.

  • Ray C

    I’m still not sure about that price

  • Emily W

    David, why do you think Microsoft has been so quiet about this? Is it because wireless providers are going to start marketing and contracting them or do they just want to test it out first? Thanks! 🙂

  • Sally Black

    Is this priced the same as an iPad? I’m curious if they’re going prestige pricing or discount pricing with this. It seems pretty expensive.