According to rumors, that is. The Surface 3 is very much a foregone conclusion, but it seems like the elusive Surface Mini might also make an appearance very soon.

In limited quantities, though.

Microsoft is now expected to launch two new tablets before the end of the year, with sources claiming that the company is now making final adjustments to the third generation Surface slate, as well as the Surface Mini that was expected to be released earlier this year.

Both new devices will be here in the next few weeks, so as to make the most of the Holiday shopping season that is just about to start.

Here is the hint from TK Tech News, by the way:

In terms of technical specifications, it has been speculated that the Surface 3 will come with the same, improved kickstand that is available on the Surface Pro 3. The Windows RT powered device will also make use of a new digital pen that would make writing and drawing a bit more natural.

As for the smaller slate, the one that was scheduled to launch on May 20, but was cancelled at the last minute, chances are that Redmond has prepared a refreshed new model.

We shall find out soon enough.

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  1. Any word on what OS Surface Mini will be running. It’s been assumed that it will be Windows 8.1 RT, but didn’t Microsoft make some adjustments to the phone OS that would allow the cellular code to be removed, effectively making a Windows Phone that didn’t make phone calls (like an iPod Touch, for example). I think a 7 inch tablet running Windows Phone would differentiate the product sufficiently to make it interesting.

    • Agreed. I just think the Surface Mini launch should be put on hold until Microsoft completes the merger of Windows Phone with Windows RT.

      Show off the new device at BUILD 2015.

  2. Sounds like some nice devices, but will people be able to do any testing on them before the ARM technical preview comes out ?

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