Back during the launch of the Surface family, the original Surface RT and Surface Pro, Microsoft had a lot to do to streamline its sales channels. The company managed to that in subsequent months.

However, buyers in several key markets had to wait before they could get their hands on the devices. Now with these issues sorted out, it is becoming clear that the Surface slates are finally gaining some traction in the highly competitive tablet market.

This new report over at The Channel comes from Canalys, with plenty of encouraging numbers.

It includes published figures on UK tablet shipments to retailers and distributors from all manufacturers, and shows that the market increased 20.4% year on year in the first quarter of 2014. Total shipments came in at 21.5 million units.

Now, while shipments do not indicate sales — they are an indication of consumer interest in devices.

And consumer interest in the various models of Surface, at least in the United Kingdom, is pleasantly high. Microsoft now finds itself in the fourth place, with shipments of Surface tablets growing to 71,540 units in this first quarter.

Making for an increase of 27.1%, and a 3.3% overall slice of the pie. Interestingly, almost three out of five units that were shipped were Windows RT models.

And this surge was good enough to push Google into fifth place. Nexus tablets fell by a massive 80% to just 42,000 units. That’s a massive dip, folks, for an established brand.

This growth is attributed in part to Microsoft’s strong reseller network.

We’d attribute the rest to a very capable operating system, and robustly elegant build quality!

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  1. Why is this a surprise. Unfortunately they usually make smarter and more logical buying decisions over there than we do here. Why should we be surprised that they see the value in Windows on ARM

  2. Good news for Surface line, which has been struggling. I hope this translates to the rest of the world. UK is a great market to start in.

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