Microsoft launched its second generation lineup of Surface tablets a while back, and there is every possibility in the world that these new devices would sell more than the original first version.

The Surface 2 and the Surface Pro 2 both not only offer upgraded hardware, but a streamlining of the retail channels should also have positive effects. And then there is the updated services and software package, with things like Skype, Bing and SkyDrive on these tablets.

And for Julie Larson-Green, the executive vice president of Devices and Studios unit at Microsoft, this is the key. Surface, according to her, was created from the start with the intention of offering productivity on the go, and the device brings the best of Microsoft together in one place.

The senior executive was talking at the UBS Global Technology Summit 2013:

“Surface has been a fun project, really when we created it we created it to be a stage for Windows 8, to be the representation of the experience that we were trying to create. But, more so going forward, Surface is a stage for all of Microsoft, not just for Windows 8.

So it brings together the best that Microsoft has to offer, with Skype, with SkyDrive, with all the things the Microsoft does, powered by Bing, and Bing search. And so it brings the full value of Microsoft into on one device. There’s different sizes, different price points, new hardware technologies and opportunities. There’s all kinds of things that we’re working on.”

Along with integrating these popular Microsoft services under one device, the Surface tablets also offer performance and battery life upgrades, thanks to upgraded processors and other small hardware improvements under the hood.

The slates are running either Windows RT 8.1 or Windows 8.1 Pro, and come with a number of storage options, offering up to 512GB of hard disk space.

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  1. If this $199 deal could last through the entire holiday season and they would offer some kind of deal on either generation of cover, I’d get one.

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