Microsoft may have given a pretty big push to its Surface line of tablets, but very obviously, some elements have still not come together as well as they could have.

So much so that the clear majority of potential buyers have their eyes set on the iPad, while Redmond’s slate have to make do with just 1 percent of the respondents.

A new study conducted by research firm Yankee Group involves 506 consumers who plan to buy a new tablet shows the Surface is at the bottom of the list as the least desirable tablets on the market.

It’s not alone there, though, and has the Google Nexus 7 for company, along with slates from Acer, Asus and Motorola. The iPad, on the other end of the spectrum stands tall as the king with 47 percent of the votes. Amazon and Samsung follow with 7 and 6 percent respectively.

Meaning the competition is tough as it can be, it’s all or nothing for the time being.

One can’t help but feel that the lack of good apps is something that’s playing a big part in all this. Not just for the Surface RT, but modern apps are still a major draw for the Surface Pro.

What good is touch, when you can’t?

While most other platforms have a pretty strong ecosystem behind them when it comes to apps, things are still in first gear for the Windows Store. Devices are part hardware and part software — and while Microsoft may have nailed the hardware bit, the job is only half done for now.

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  1. iPad has name recognition, but Surface doesn’t need to be on the top of the list. If it can get close to the Amazon and Samsung numbers on this list, it would be just fine

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