Finally some good news amid the recent doom and gloom of numbers and sales!

It has hardly been a month since Microsoft became a player in the tablet market, but the company’s first generation Surface tablets are quickly becoming the top choice for those looking for a tablet.

The only catch here is that people are waiting for the Surface Pro to make the plunge, not the RT version.

In the same study conducted by the fine folks over at Toluna QuickSurveys (that we talked about here), 12.5% said that they would purchase a Microsoft Pro tablet.

Compare this with the 12.9% that chose Apple’s iPad, and you know how neck and neck it is up there at the top. A triple-threat fight to the finish between Microsoft, Apple and Android in the tablet realm is sure to be quite a spectacle.

Dig a little more, however, and you will find that only 2% were up for the regular Surface tab — the one that is available in the market right now. And not a soul would blame them for it.

The ability to run Windows 8 Pro on a powerful tablet, along with all sorts of legacy applications is just too mouthwatering to resist.

Besides, the Surface Pro tablet is a surefire bet in the corporate circles. It’s hard to imagine business users putting in requests for the RT versions of Surface, with its ARM environment and lack of legacy software support.

But give them a choice of a Windows 8 Pro tablet, and then see the devices fly off the shelves. Interesting times ahead, I say.

The Pro variants of Surface are said to be up for grabs in January 2013.

I can hardly wait.

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  • Jason Deveau

    I sure hope Surface makes it. I really want a Surface pro also. I hope I can wait that long. I mean theres so many apps popping up in the Windows store. Its pretty damn nice! I mean I like Droid, but I dont want it to be Droid VS Apple forever. PRO CHOICE!! XD

  • Neo East

    Posting from a Surface. Smooth UI and awesome build quality. So glad I didn’t get a cheapy Droid tablet.

  • Maleck O’Shaughnessy

    I’m excited for the Microsoft Surface Pro’s release. I’ve had my Playbook for just under a year and its not cutting it for a device for me…the iPad is good and all, but the Surface seems to be the best of the best, in my opinion. We Shall see soon enough! 😀

  • Dino Buljubasic

    Excited about pro version mainly because somewhat better resolution. All MS devices need better resolution than 1080. Love what I see and surface is great.