Surface Mini Could Be An 8-Inch Model

Of all the Surface tablets that are in our future, the Mini is gaining the most attraction these days. Microsoft has obviously confirmed noting up until now, but the rumor mill is churning nevertheless.

Even the Wall Street Journal jumped in on the fun this week claiming that a smaller Surface slate is nearing launch later this year. This is, in addition, to several outlets dropping hints of a tiny addition to the Surface family.

While it can be said with reasonable assertion that a smaller model of Surface is in development, the display size of the upcoming device is still a bit of a mystery. Is it a 7-inch tablet or an 8-incher?

Not the one to be left behind Paul Thurrott has also chimed in with his tale. A tweet from the Microsoft watcher, citing unnamed sources says that the upcoming Surface Mini will pack in an 8 inch display:

“BTW, as noted previously, I was told the next Surface is an 8-inch model, not 7-inches as reported by the WSJ this week.”

No other details have been provided, but a larger display makes quite some sense when you consider the competition the Surface Mini is set to go up against.

Apple’s iPad Mini boasts a screen size of 7.85 inches while Google’s Nexus 7 houses a 7 inch display, though new reports hint at a bit of a bump in size for the Android slate at 7.7 inches. When competing with devices like these, an 8 inch screen size is surely the way to go.

Then again, it could be anywhere between 7 and 8 inches, hence the confusion in the first place. Say a 7.85 inch form factor that is rounded to 8. Either way, this is too soon to tell.

What is not too soon to tell, however, is your preference. What is your ideal screen size for a smaller tablet like the Surface Mini? The comment box below is itching for action.

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