Surface Mini Incoming By The End Of This Year, New Report Claims

One thing is for sure. Microsoft has tested various models of the Surface Mini in the spring. There have been far too many reports regarding the small slate, for this to be untrue.

But while word on the street is that Redmond plans to unveil its next generation Surface lineup by the end of this month, the fact a Surface tablet with a smaller screen has not been in the news lately has led to speculation that the technology titan may have delayed the device into the future.

Paul Thurrott of WinSuperSite, however, believes that the 8-inch device is very much a reality and is on track for arrival this year — December, to be exact.

The Surface Mini, according to this new report, will feature a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor that is said to be optimized not just for improved performance but a longer battery life as well.

As for the operating system, Redmond is expected to equip this ARM based slate with Windows RT 8.1, thanks to the refinements this new version of the operating system comes with for smaller screen. Microsoft has tweaked the OS for portrait mode display and improved Snap View functionality.

Not to mention support for smaller resolutions, than before.

Obviously, still file this as a rumor for now, considering Microsoft has not yet offered comments regarding a smaller tablet. But the company does seem keen to expand the Surface product family with more devices — and what better way to do so than an affordable and portable new slate.

  • Ray C

    Bring it on

  • pirate78

    I would LOVE me some of that! I am also hoping that there will be a digitizer on it with an active pen lodged in the device somewhere. I need a note taking/drawing device. Call it Surface Note :). Ok, so that was not very original, but for me, it would be the most important device I own. It will be a companion to my Surface RT2 (or the Sirius).