After a long and extended wait, ever since the original Surface RT made its way to the market, it seems that Microsoft is now ready to launch the smaller version of its flagship tablet.

The company has sent invites for a May 20 press event in New York.

We have known for quite some time that Redmond is working on a smaller version of its tablet, and according to this report, it could be unveiled at this press event that gets underway at 8 AM Pacific Time.

No other details have been provided, other than that this is to be a private press event — not open to public. But the timing ties in nicely to what we last heard on the matter.

Previous reports on the matter, however, have hinted that the Surface Mini could come with an 8-inch screen as Microsoft wants this tablet to compete against the iPad Mini and the Nexus 7. In all probability, it will be powered by Windows RT 8.1 Update, the newest build of the operating system.

And as this rumor hinted, the Surface Mini is being positioned as a note-taking device, and the slate might come with a Wacom digitizer to easily write down text on the screen.

No real pointers on the pricing, though it is estimated that the Surface Mini could retail for as low a price point as $250. In any case, Microsoft will want to price this upcoming device rather aggressively.

More details as we get closer to the date.

For now, let your thoughts be known on this enterprising piece of news. Is this the missing piece in the Surface puzzle? And is any of you game for a Surface Mini? Comments, please.

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  • Ray C

    Well, it’s about dang time. If they have good sense, it will release with a good price and nice bundles

  • Lee Keels

    I thought RT was pretty much a dead product.

  • Ted Smith

    It’s all rumors at this point. Maybe something will leak before May 20th, but if not, we will have to wait until this release to confirm the news. I hope this is good, but I’m just glad this is finally being explained to the public.