Reliable new report, at that. Mary Jo Foley has finally chipped in with some new details regarding the elusive Surface Mini tablet, confirming what many already thought.

That is, contrary to some new rumors, the Surface Mini will not be launching this summer.

Previous hints on the matter said that the smaller tablet was already in the final stages of production, and Microsoft was gearing up to release it sometime this summer in order to expand the tablet lineup with a small 8-inch model.

But regular Microsoft watcher Mary Jo Foley believes that this very unlikely, as only little has changed since May when CEO Satya Nadella and devices boss Stephen Elop reportedly made the decision to cancel the launch.

She is, obviously, referring to the fact that the Surface Mini tablet does not bring anything new to the market, little in terms of differentiating factors.

All that may change with the release of the touch optimized version of Office, codename Gemini, which would allow users the ability to create and edit documents without leaving the Modern UI.

Foley says that work on the Android version of this touch optimized Office continues, and this version is on track for launch later this year. The Windows version of the productivity suite is also in development, but will only see the daylight sometime in early 2015.

Which is when we might get to see the Surface Mini in all its glory.

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  1. Dominico-James Black Eagle Hod / July 8, 2014 at 11:29 am /Reply

    Their you go Microsoft. Wait even longer!

  2. This has all the makings of a disaster. It seems like they should have scrapped it at this point. I’m not ruling it out personally, but I think the stigma around this is too bad to overcome.

  3. Don’t want to wait that long guess I will have to get 8″ asus viviotab note instead

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