Branding is one of the few things going absolutely right for Microsoft Surface.

Microsoft has spared no expense getting behind the Surface brand, and helping it give the mainstream attention it deserves. From all sorts of intuitive video ads to product placements in television shows.

The sales may not exactly be showing, but at least a growing percentage of the general public knows about Microsoft’s new line of tablets.

And like most good things, it all started with the name.

A report by places Microsoft Surface as one of the best named products of the year. It is called a catchy product name and remains in good company along with others like ‘Chase Liquid’ and ‘Doritos Jacked’. Good company indeed.

Microsoft is hoping to take a bite out of Apple with this Windows 8-powered entry in the exploding tablet market. Since few folks will remember Microsoft’s limited earlier use of “Surface” as its multi-touch platform name, recycling is fair game.

The name Surface is ideal here, evoking both a thin plane and a wide surface area—a deft allusion to the tablet’s screen (which is larger than Apple’s) and the functionality of the tablet’s entire surface, including its cover/keyboard. It’s also a welcomed change in a space infested with names like the ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime and Ematic eGlide XL Pro.”

Microsoft’s new experimental social network, on the other hand was listed as the worst product name of the year, along with such stinkers as ‘Tampax Radiant’ and ‘Pepperidge Farm Jingos’. Guess no one told them this was experimental. Creative name, but experimental.

What do you guys think? Did Microsoft get it spot on as far as naming goes?

Or can you one up it with another name of your own?

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  • 123321

    it’s not only a cool name it’s also a fantastic product. looking forward to seeing more of this kind of hardware from Microsoft.
    especially interested in sth like a surface book (ultrabook) ;)… let’s see what 2013 will bring 😉

  • Coker

    Another name for the Surface should be “Shallow”.