It goes without saying that Surface sales have left a fair bit to be desired. With things not going exactly as planned, Microsoft has put up several extraordinary discounts, both for the Surface RT and the Surface Pro.

The company had to turn to a $900 million one-time write-down to adjust inventories around the world this past quarter. But one thing that Microsoft still maintains — and rightly so, it must be said — is that people actually love the device.

It is a well-build piece of technology, all things considered. Sure it needs a proverbial rounding of corners in some areas. But this is something Redmond plans to get to with the next generation units.

For now, however, the technology titan is saying that the Surface RT model is enjoying exciting success around the globe. In a statement sent to V3 after announcing the first Surface Pro discount of $100, Microsoft said:

“We’ve been seeing great worldwide success with Surface RT pricing and keyboard-cover promotions over the past several months and are proud to offer Surface Pro at more affordable prices starting today.

People who buy Surface love Surface, and we’re eager for more people to get their hands on Surface and share their excitement.”

Great worldwide success or not, there are still plenty of countries where the tablet is not officially launched, and this has led to third party vendors selling the slates at overly inflated prices. This not only has an adverse effect on sales, but also the brand itself.

Here is hoping that Microsoft manages to streamline its retail channels even further, and put its countrywide partnerships to good use by the time the second generation Surface units hit store shelves.

An affordable Surface Mini will also go a long way in charting the success of the Surface slates — and rumors are abound that Redmond is currently testing 7 or 8 inch units.

No release dates have been provided, even though the technology titan confirmed a refresh of its Surface tablet lineup within the next few months.

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  • Steve Miller

    That is true. I’ve owned Android tablets and they are nice but I love my Surface RT.

  • Slowhandjoe

    At $1400 with a Type Cover in the UK they are extremely expensive for a tablet with a 5 hour battery life. Many Ultraportables are cheaper and way ahead in both performance and battery life.

    • Fahad Ali

      Exactly, Microsoft needs to sort this out and fast. First it was a (terribly) delayed launch in the UK and then once the Pro arrived it was a (horribly) priced piece of equipment. Sleek and well made, but I am sure these two factors ate into the overall hype and sales.

  • Rodney Longoria

    You know, I’m more and more prone to think that Microsoft ought to just do a non-desktop, pure tablet version of Surface, where they do a subscription of Office 365 in the Modern (Metro) environment only … sans desktop version like they do now. Make it a fun thing, and if you truly need Office at all then pay for it as needed via a subscription basis, thereby lowering the cost upfront. Same with the keyboard. If you do a lot of typing then that option is available, but don’t feature it in advertisements. Heck, if they only had a Nokia-type high pixel camera and it’s software behind it (maybe that could become a “killer” app beyond anything anyone else is offering). But whatever they do, get rid of the desktop completely here.

    Call it Surface Tablet (or Surface 10), and make a mini-version and call it Surface Mini (perhaps Surface 7 or something similar). Then, do the Surface Pro as is for the power users out there. Of course, do so with the new Intel Haswell and I think that might just work.

    • Fahad Ali

      Agreed. And I reckon this is the direction Microsoft is heading, slowly but surely. Once a purely Metro version is ready, we may just see this happen.

    • Ray C

      i think that’s what RT should have been. It should have been 100% tablet. The people who want to do more can get a full Windows tablet or Surface Pro. Most tablet owners are just using them as toys anyway. They could release the office editing app that they have on Android phones now for it. I do think they shouldn’t just forget the keyboard. I have an iPad and honestly if I didn’t have a case with bluetooth keyboard, I’ve never pick the thing up.

      • Rodney Longoria

        Yes, keep the keyboard available and all of that, just do away with those “clicking” commercials for Pete’s sake!

  • Ray C

    I have to agree with the article. I think all the negative articles about Surface RT are way overblown. In every video I’ve seen on youtube of people playing around with their Surface or websites comparing Surface vs iPad 3/4 side-by-side, people seem to like the Surface. I think MS should maybe run some ads that are a combination of the Windows 8 feature or Bing ads and the “Am I still pretty” iPad ads. Maybe commercials taking the Surface out on the streets and people choosing it over iPad.

  • garak0410

    Well, I have a Surface Pro and I like it a lot. But I am in the market for a smaller tablet for easy reading. I wanted to get an Acer Iconia W3 but the reviews on the screen were atrocious so I decided to get the new Nexus 7. Boy, going back to an Android is, to Me, like the dark ages. I really like the Windows Ecosystem. I’ve set it up with Skydrive, OneNote and my Outlook contacs , calendar and email. If someone can convince me that the W3’s screen isn’t that bad, I may return the Nexus.

  • Jose Cortes

    I own a Surface RT – 64GB and Microsoft is right…I’m loving my Surface all the way…thanks God now we have a bigger APP offer in the Windows Store….this way I get a lot of APPs I needed. I actually don’t understand the Surface haters. Hey if you like any of the iPad, Android or Windows ecosystems and the different brands of hardware…well it is up to you. I as a customer selected the Windows and environment and I’m loving it everyday.

  • Steve Miller

    I think most of this is: I hate Microsoft, ergo I hate anything Microsoft makes. Every time one of my anit-Microsoft friends berates my choices I just remind them it is what I like and to each his own.