Some Surface Pro 2 users are battling some problems with their firmware update rolled out as part of this month’s Patch Tuesday updates. A few have reported battery issues, while for others the package fails to install altogether.

And that is despite the fact that it is being delivered via the integrated Windows Update option.

Now Microsoft has jumped in and offered a statement that the firmware actually installs just fine, despite these errors. The software titan recommends users to check the Device Manager to confirm whether they are running the latest firmware version or not.

In the words of a company spokesperson:

“Some people may by experiencing a false error message, 80070490. The firmware update should be installing correctly; however, if you received this error message, we recommend that you go to Device Manager check the firmware history to ensure the latest update installed.

If it did not install correctly, please let us know on this forum so we can work to fix the issue. Thank you for your patience and know we are in the process of addressing this issue.”

There are also some early reports that the graphic adapter in the Surface Pro 2 is encountering some errors after installing the firmware update.

Microsoft probably is looking at this at this very moment, so expect more details in case this threat materializes. For now though, it appears that it is relatively safe to install this firmware update if you are yet to do so.

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  • garak0410

    I’ve had random reboots and false battery indicator…

  • Windows_Freak

    My Surface Pro 2 after the firmware update is totally bricked with a Boot Configuration Data error. Nice job Microsoft. I was really looking forward to running Windows 10 this week too. This device has been replaced 3 times already and this last one is only about 6 months old. I’m so pissed.