Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is almost upon us, and that means only one thing. Retailers are cutting prices of the second generation tablet in order to clear out inventories and entice buyers that were holding out their purchases.

The Surface Pro 2 is Redmond’s second most powerful tablet — not all that far off from the third generation slate in terms of performance.

And the company has cut the price of the slate with a new discount. The device is now $200 cheaper in the United States. Here are the new pricing details of this Windows 8.1 tablet:

32 GB — $799 (down from $899)
64 GB — $899 (down from $999)
128 GB — $1,099 (down from $1,299)
256 GB — $1,599 (down from $1,799)

Power users and technology enthusiasts will, undoubtedly, try and get their hands on the newer model, but these are nevertheless, great prices for what is, still, a very good tablet.

Tablet, being the keyword here — as the larger Surface Pro 3 is primarily marketed as a device that can replace your laptop. But Microsoft’s second generation slate also packs a lot of punch in terms of performance, starting with an Intel Core i5 processor and a full HD 1080p display.

It also runs the full version of Windows 8.1 Pro, allowing users the ability to install both Metro apps and traditional desktop software and games.

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  1. A sizable discount. I think most of us saw this coming with the Surface Pro 3 coming out at the end of the month. However, it’s still a good offer that a lot of people will probably take advantage of.

  2. They all need to be getting $200, not just the top ones, and I still say the ones over $1000 should come with a type cover or a gift card to go buy one

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