Microsoft is usually more into automatic deliveries of its software updates, but oh, so occasionally, the company does push out some manual downloads. And the recently released Surface Pro 2 has just got one earlier today.

The company just launched its new family of Surface tablets — the second generation refresh.

And now it is offering the owners of the Surface Pro 2 a way to manually download the firmware and driver pack for the sleek new Windows 8.1 device.

The 158.1 MB archive contains drivers for all components of Microsoft’s new slate, along with the new firmware. And as expected, this update only works with Windows 8.1 (Pro and Enterprise), not the vanilla version of the company’s modern operating system.

Plus, this also means this pack is not meant for Windows RT users, or the original Surface Pro, for that matter — it is exclusive for proud new Surface Pro 2 owners.

In terms of details, the firmware update brings UEFI improvements and System Aggregator updates, meaning users can expect better performance when running Windows 8.1. New and optimized drivers are also in the mix, as are usability enhancements for Type Cover 2 or Touch Cover 2.

When you download the file, you will find a number of folders sorted by brands like Microsoft, Intel, Marvell and Realtek, containing specific files.

The file is available on the Microsoft Download website, for those of you interested.

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  • shinsenai

    I’m not sure this is really meant to be a manual install for everybody. The package is clearly described as something to be used to create images for deployment or to fix problems with custom installations. In addition a firmware update and an updated drivers package were released through Windows Update in the past couple of days.

  • Robert Trance

    for Surface 2 users: firmware updates came in with Windows Update, within the 1st 14-15 updates (RT)