The Surface Pro 2 tablet was more of an evolutionary step forward for Microsoft, compared to the original Surface Pro, but the company really turned up the heat with the Surface Pro 3.

And now the technology titan is placing all bets on the latter slate.

Older versions are slowly being discontinued, with focus switching on newer hardware. The result being that the Surface Pro 2 is now no longer available for purchase — at least from the company’s very own online store.

Obviously, we have no such thing as an official announcement to go by here, and while the device is still listed on the Microsoft Store website, clicking on the “Buy now” button leads to a page that says that this product is currently unavailable.

This, surely, is not the message that Redmond posts when a particular device is out of stock, and is an indication that sales of the Surface Pro 2 are to be halted in the very near future.

And just like the case was with its predecessor, the Pro 2 will continue to be available to companies and organizations — albeit at discounted prices.

What would really be great here would be some sales figures, or even some signals that the second generation Surface Pro tablet fared better than the first one. We do know that there is a lot of interest in the Surface Pro 3, so maybe an official statement on the Pro 2 is incoming.

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