Oh, Surface WiFi bugs, we meet again! Microsoft it appears still has a little extra mile to go before they can master the wireless connectivity situation on their Surface line of tablets.

The original Surface RT suffered from quite a few bugs, almost all of which were fixed in the months that followed the release. Surface Pro had the occasional hiccups, and now there is news that Surface 2 tablet owners are experiencing very slow Internet randomly.

It appears that Bluetooth and WiFi on the device are not playing nicely with each other.

Actually, it is a Bluetooth bug that is causing most of the problem, with Internet connectivity on the Surface 2 tablets crawling to a sheer dawdle when browsing the web via WiFi every now and then.

As this page on the official Microsoft community forums show, a lot of users are experiencing this problem, though a company representative claims that this is a limited occurrence:

“A limited number of Surface Pro 2 customers may be experiencing interrupted connectivity with Bluetooth peripherals. We are looking into the situation and working on a resolution.”

Limited or not, at least Redmond is aware of it and looking for a full remedy.

Some users have already posted workaround of some sorts for this problem. So if you are Surface Pro 2 owner and find that your Bluetooth peripherals and accessories are causing some trouble with your Internet access, take a look at the official thread above.

Microsoft might also release a fix for this in the next Patch Tuesday update cycle.

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  • Drew J

    Unfortunate. These are the kind of bugs that can hurt the tablet reputation as a whole. I hope this is fixed extremely quickly.

    • http://www.auura.co.uk Endgadget

      These things don’t seem to hurt Apple.

  • Ted Smith

    So Bluetooth and wifi are somehow canceling each other out? I don’t understand how that can happen after you send them out. Sounds like someone got lazy.

  • Kelsy Martin

    Patch better come soon. Not the end of the world, but it’s a dumb mistake. Could be worse at least. Trying to be positive! 😛

  • Matthew Laws

    I really don’t get how this happens. Do they not test all of these devices before they ship them out? If they don’t, they should. Inexcusable to me.

    • http://www.auura.co.uk Endgadget

      Tell that to Samsung, Sony, Apple, Acer… ahh heck ALL of them.

  • Claire R

    As you said, at least they’re fixing it. I do think it’s a little ridiculous this became an issue in the first place though. It doesn’t send off the best vibes about the Surface. They need it patched immediately.