You know it’s a bit of a special day when rumors about both the Surface RT and the Surface Pro reach the web. Microsoft is pretty mum on the details, but the flow of information from other sources is gradually increasing.

We learned a fair bit about the upcoming Surface RT earlier in the day, and now some pointers about the Pro version of the slate have made their way to the web, confirming that a shiny new Surface tablet is indeed in the works.

This new report, citing anonymous sources, claims that the second-generation Surface Pro will be equipped with an Intel Core i5 Haswell processor. Plus, memory on the premium slate is very likely to be doubled from 4GB to 8GB.

This should not only provide it with some solid performance boost, but also much improved (and much needed) battery life increase.

The report also states that Redmond is looking to improve the built-in kickstand by implementing some new changes in order to make it more durable. What these new changes are, is anybody’s guess as this time, but considering how much Microsoft touts the kickstand, expect something good.

Anyway, while these minor upgrades are some much needed technical changes, the report also suggests that the technology titan will continue to invest big on promotion.

Only this time Microsoft will release commercials that actually show the key features of the device, instead of people dancing around the tablets — expect some elaborate marketing campaigns soon.

Details on pricing are pretty scarce right now, but the report above does hint that the second-generation model may quite possibly come with the same price tag as the existing version of the Surface Pro.

According to insider sources, the slate is on track to be unveiled in October, most likely together with Windows 8.1. Now whether Microsoft decides to release the full lineup of Surface slates together, or a few months apart remains to be seen.

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  • Dominico-James Black Eagle Hod

    Please up screen size to 11.6 and add 4g. I might just have to get it. Would go great with the lumia 1520

    • Fahad Ali

      Aye, 4G would be nice. 🙂 From what I am gathering wireless connectivity is pretty much confirmed for the Surface RT (or Surface Mini) tablets that use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processors, as they have 4G built in. NVIDIA Tegra 4, sadly, does not, though Tegra 4i does, but that chip is designed for smartphones.

      And well, multiple screen sizes are a must. I know they are tablets primarily, incredibly diverse, yes, but my 15.6-inch laptop barely cuts it most of the time. Maybe two models of the Surface Pro, one with a large screen and one with the regular 10 incher?

      At least the battery life should not be too much of a problem this time around!

      • WillyThePooh

        If 4G costs me $100 like what Apple did, I would rather get a 4G stick from mobile carrier instead. At least I could up grade the stick to 5G, 6G, etc. in the future instead of sticking with 3G/4G like iPad does.

        • Fahad Ali

          I’m pretty hopeful it will not. The $100 Apple Tax is downright cruel. Even Google’s new Nexus 7 with wireless cellular connectivity does not come with this high a cost. I would like to think $50 extra is more than enough for such a feature.

          • Dominico-James Black Eagle Hod

            I would rather have an integrated Data solution. One less thing to carry. Would also use less power than using a usb modem.

      • Dominico-James Black Eagle Hod

        That’s good. Hopefully they use the snapdragon 800 as it’s more powerful. I know what you mean, I thought about using a surface pro as a one computer does all. Including replacing my laptop. But the screen is too small. Don’t get me wrong, It’s a great complement to a big screen 15 inch laptop. With haswell and hopefully a bigger batter, I’m looking foward to 7-9 hours.

  • Mike Greenway

    “This new report, citing anonymous sources…” The end of my involvement.