End of August. That is when Microsoft said they would be shipping the Core i3 and i7 powered models of the Surface Pro 3. But that was at launch, and it appears the company has streamlined production.

To such an extent that the release date of these models has been moved up.

Moved up, around a month earlier. It will ship in August alright, but instead of end of the month, the devices will leave warehouses by August 1, which is more or less a full month ahead of schedule. Which is a nice change of pace, all things considered.

Almost all Surface tablets suffered from supply and availability issues, of one sort or another.

Those of you that preordered the Core i3 or Core i7 versions of the slate, will have your shipping date automatically moved up — and the device could be in your hands in just around six weeks.

International shipping, however, still remains at the end of August.

Obviously, those of you that do not want to wait can get your hands on the midrange Core i5 models that have just gone on sale today. These start at $999 and go up to $1,299, depending on installed memory and storage capacity.

The entry level Core i3 model, by contrast, retails for $799, while the highest end Core i7 variant will set you back $1,949. But totally worth it, if you are a professional or power user.

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  • Sally Black

    Is this a result of having faith in the success or just wanting to release it ASAP while the hype is still there? I wonder, but it’s definitely an interesting move regardless.

  • Steve Fulton

    I’m sure the i7 will be absolutely stunning. Having said that, it’s clear that it better be for $2,000 grand. That’s an outrageous price to me for a laptop let alone a tablet. The price would need to be dropped dramatically for me to consider purchasing.

    • Genie

      Completely with you. We are not at the point where I’m willing to pay 2,000 for a tablet. Long ways to go until I’m at that point.